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 Mobility Rules

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Registration date : 2008-05-25

PostSubject: Mobility Rules   Mon May 26, 2008 12:55 pm

These are the site & forum RULES.
Please adhere to them or you risk your account
either being warned or banned forever
These rules are here to protect the members.
All rules with a NO have ZERO TOLERANCE

01. Anyone found breaking our rules will be warned
02. Unless authorised by admin duplicate accounts are not allowed.
03. Please pay attention to the manners on the board. Insults are not tolerated!
04. NO spam in the board (the same posting in different sections...)
05. NO "send me too" messages
06. NO swear words!
07. NO double posting Please use the EDIT function, instead of posting a double.
08. NO trashing of other peoples topics.
09. Choose the right section for your posting!
10. Choose a good subject for your posting!
11. Respect the Admins,respect one another
12. Advertise-postings only in Buy/Sell/Trade stuff here (Sell your Old and Used Stuff)
13. Use the "search"-option in the board! before posting
14. Donīt push posting-counter with messages like thx, haha, smileys....
15. Read every day the rules before post !!!
16. Offtopic Section Is not for religious or political threads,
its for these threads related to Gsm and you can’t find a section related to it,
so try to use the offtopic zone for posting Gsm Related threads only.
17. All accounts not used within 45 days will be automatically be deleted
and are not retrievable.
18. We are a friendly and family orientated website But as a precaution we insist
you are over 18 when you join this reygum forum
19. If you are warned you may appeal in the forums. Be Nice. Be polite and
tell the truth! If you are RUDE or AGGRESIVE we will be less sympathetic.
Ignorance and stupidity is not an excuse.
20. Please read the FAQ before asking any question and ensure all questions are posted in the correct section.
FAQ here:

If you have any questions not found in the Forums, start a new thread

We want everyone here to enjoy what we have to offer.
MOBILITY FORUM has members all over the WORLD and still growing!
We do have these rules to protect all members.
They are not to be debated in the open forum.
And we ask all members, regardless of status, to abide by them.
Finally, one more rule that was not mentioned is simply to Have Fun!
Enjoy posting and sharing to our forum...
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Mobility Rules
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